Monday, April 1, 2013

“2013 Rotary National Immunisation Day in Chandigarh”

Article by Moorthy Karuna

After my family reunion in Malaysia, I flew to New Delhi India and participated in the 2013 Rotary National Immunisation Day in Chandigarh. PDG Cynde Covington, District 6970 USA was the team leader, who organised a great itinerary for the 10 days and also looked after the welfare of all participants. 

She was assisted by Ajay Thakur, Live India Tours and Rotarian A.P. Singh, Rotary Club of Chandigarh.
Out of the 28 participants, there was a couple from New Zealand, a lady from France, myself from Australia and the rest of the participants were from USA, including 81 year old PDG William Crawford and 27 year old Rotaractor Ann Marie.

I had fun, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and am very grateful to Cynde Covington for giving me this opportunity, because it has given me a very meaningful insight and a bigger picture of what Rotary is capable of achieving in the world.

Chandigarh is a beautiful place and most probably the cleanest city in India. The city does not use any plastic bags. President Vivek Gupta, Chandigarh Rotary Club mentioned that it is a smoke free city. I had a great home stay with President Vivek Gupta and his wife Promil, who also hosted Christopher and Tanya Kaminski from USA. They were very good hosts, served excellent Indian food and showed us the Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Secretariat and a famous Hindu Temple.

Rotary Club of Chandigarh’s members and volunteers
On Sunday 24 February 2013, Christopher and Tanya Kaminski and I administrated polio drops in a booth. On Monday 25 February 2013, 5 of us did the mob up through a slum area. The idea of mob ups is to give polio drops to children who did not receive polio drops from the booths. A.P. Singh accompanied us on the mob up and answered all our queries. Both the booths and mob ups had Indian staff from World Health Organisation. We only assisted.

End Polio Now is by far Rotary’s biggest project. I stayed an additional 4 days in New Delhi and used the Metro (Train) to go around. Using the Metro made me realise the high population and density. There are 75,000 children born in India every day. Addressing at Royal Institution Hall of the United Kingdom on 29 January 2013, Microsoft founder Bill Gates hailed India’s polio campaign success as “among the most impressive global health successes that has ever been”.

The Rotarians in India should be congratulated because in the last 2 years, there wasn’t any new polio case. With the help of Rotarians from India who have the knowledge and experience, Rotary should be able to eradicate polio from the 3 countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria) remaining where the virus is endemic.

Delivering this year’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture, Bill Gates said the world could see polio eradicated in the next 6 years. It will be great if the Rotary Clubs are able to contribute more to this worthy cause that will definitely make a positive impact in the world. Rotarians should be very proud and if possible make personal contributions towards Rotary’s biggest initiative.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trip extensions through Raj

Greetings all,

Phil and I will be extending the NID trip by seven days.  We will be visiting Jaipur, Jodphur, Odaipur and Varansi.  We will be returing to the US very early in the morning of March 10th.  We made arrangements thru Raj, as we found him to be the most helpful.  Anyone interested in joining us?

Let us know.  I think it would bemore fun with a few extra people .

Phil and  Deanna Magdich 

Hi all
Rita and I are finalizing with Raj to go to Jaipur for a couple of days, then on to Udaipur for three days, flying back to Delhi on the 7th for our flight at 1;35 a.m. On the 8th.

Richard / Rita /Rita Grant
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Rotarian,

This message follows the email sent earlier today to all Rotary Members in District 9930 re attacks on the polio health workers in Pakistan.

Our district is organising a National Immunisation Day trip to India from February 20th to March 2nd 2013.

We are part of a group of approximately 30 Rotarians from around the world travelling under the stewardship of Rotary Zone 34 / District 6970 Florida U.S.A.

As of today I am not aware of any travel advisory against this trip to India.

Whilst I would respect any Rotarian’s decision not to go, the District 9930’s Nation Immunisation Days Trip to India 2013 is still on.

For other countries' travel advice
(External links open in a new window)

Britain - United States - Canada - Australia
For current health alerts

The New Zealand High Commission New Delhi, India

Contact details are
Street Address Sir Edmund Hillary Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021, India
Telephone +91 11 4688 3170 Facsimile +91 11 4688 3165
Website New Zealand High Commission New Delhi [external link]
Office Hours Mon - Fri 0830 - 1700 hrs

Peace through service.
Max Patmoy District Polio Challenge Chair 2010-14
The Rotary Foundation District Committee
Rotary District 9930, New Zealand

Phone 06 836 6081
Fax: 06 836-6664
Mobile: 027 279 3760
Skype: maxpatmoy

This email has been sent to all Rotarians in District 9930

Good morning all

Please find attached a document regarding the attacks on the polio health workers in Pakistan.

This has been sent on behalf of District Governor Roger Miller and the District Foundation Chairperson, PDG Raewyn Kirkman.

Rotary condemns attacks targeting polio vaccinators in Pakistan.

Rotary International joins the Government of Pakistan and our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in condemning the recent attacks that have killed and
wounded health workers in Pakistan.

The shooting victims are among the thousands of health workers and volunteers – including members of Pakistan’s 151 Rotary clubs – who are committed to saving
children by stopping the transmission of polio in Pakistan, one of three countries where the crippling virus remains endemic.

The attacks prompted the Government of Pakistan to temporarily suspend the vaccination campaign due to concerns over the safety of health workers.

Rotary is deeply concerned that such attacks deprive at-risk children of basic life-saving health care services, including polio vaccinations. I know that Pakistani Rotarians,
supported by Rotary members worldwide, will continue to do their utmost to create a safe environment so that these dedicated health workers can reach the nation’s most
vulnerable children with vaccinations and other vital health interventions.

Polio eradication has been Rotary’s highest priority since 1985, and we are on the brink of making history by beating polio once and for all.

On behalf of Rotary’s 1.2 million members, representing 34,000 clubs in 200 countries and areas, I extend our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims. Their dedication and sacrifice further inspire us to continue moving forward toward our goal of a poliofree world.

Robert S. Scott, Chair
International PolioPlus Committee
The Rotary Foundation
Rotary International

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre- & Post-NID Trips

Some of you have indicated an interest in either a pre or post NID Trip.  As I have explained, Barry and I are not Travel Agents and connot arrange these trips for you.    However, we do encourage anyone traveling that far to take the time to see more of that beautiful country.  There are two people that we can recommend for making addtional plans.  We traveled with Raj on our first NID as did several other members of our team and he did a wonderful job.  Since then, I have recommended Raj to a number of people and they have all been happy with the arrangements as well as the service.  Ajay helped put our NID together in 2011 and is assisting us this year as well.  Some of the team members in 2011 went back to India and contacted Ajay for assistance and again received wonderful arrangements and service.  Based on my past experience with both of these individuals I am comfortable recommending them for your consideration. 

I am sending them both an e-mail today and asking them to put together one or two "suggested" itineraries and estimated costs for you.  Please understand that they will both completely customize your pre- or post-nid trip around your schedule, your desires, and your cost considerations.  Depending on what you want to see or what type of accomodations you desire as well how many days you have available will all be taken in to account.  If some of you wish to travel together as a group, they can both work that out as well.

I do know that Phillip and Deanna Magdich would like to try and travel for 7 or 8 days in addition to the NID.  If any of you are interested in traveling together or on you own, please feel free to contact each other via e-mail to coordinate your arrangements.  I hope this will help some of you in your planning!

Cynde Covington


Raj Singh Solanki


Kishan Nikunj, Near ICICI Bank

Bedla, Udaipur –313011

Rajasthan, India

Mobile: +91 99291 04365, +91 96806 14717 <tel:%2B91%2096806%2014717> <> ,


Ajay Thakur

+918800255744 <tel:%2B918800255744

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dates Announced for 2013 NID - News from America

Dates Announced for 2013 NID - Call for Deposits

November 27, 2012
Potential NID Participant,

The Government of India has set the dates for the 2013 NID.  The National Immunization Day for February will take place on February 24, 2013.

We are very excited to announce the dates for the Rotary Zone 34 / District 6970 National Immunization Day Trip to India - February 21st through March 2nd, 2013.

This means that participants will travel to India February 20th – 21st, with the goal of arriving on February 21st. Hotel accommodations begin the night of February 21st.  Official NID trip activities begin at 9 am on February 22nd. Participants should plan to leave India the evening of March 2nd into the early am hours of March 3rd. Hotel accommodations end the morning of March 2nd, although extra nights can be arranged at group rates.  Official NID trip activities end on March 2nd at p.m.

Participants should plan to spend the entire time between 9 am February 22nd and 12 pm on March 2nd with the group.

Our Indian hosts have opened their hearts and homes to receive us by helping to create a unique and special NID experience. You will be participating in many Rotary and NID events and all participants will be expected to attend all official programs, including the National Immunization Day activities and club visits.

With 30 participants joining us from around the world, accommodating
individual itineraries is unfortunately not possible.

Don't miss YOUR chance to truly make a difference, first hand, in the lives of children around the world!

The approximate cost of the trip per person, double occupancy is $2100 US. We are hoping final costs will be less than our estimate. This covers all costs while in India, with the exception of a couple of dinners and personal spending money. Please see Itinerary below for details.  Participants are responsible for their own airfare and are free to make any pre- or post-trip arrangements as well.  I have provided the name of the individual who has arranged pre- or post-trip travels for past NID participants in this communication.

As there are many Rotarians, families and friends interested in attending, we will CONFIRM your name on the OFFICIAL NID TRIP ROSTER when we RECEIVE a $500 deposit (payable to Rotary District 6970 by check, money order, or wire transfer) towards the total price of your trip. Please do not make any travel arrangements UNTIL you have been CONFIRMED on the trip roster.  We only have spots for thirty (30) individuals on this trip and the first deposits received will secure your place.

All checks or money orders should be made payable to ROTARY DISTRICT 6970 and sent to:

Rotary District 6970
Attn: Patti Chapman
P.O. Box 47195
Jacksonville, FL 32247

For wire transfers, provide the following information to your bank:

VyStar Credit Union
P. O. Box 45085
Jacksonville, FL 32247

some banks will want a physical address, it is:

VyStar Credit Union
4949 Blanding Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Rotary International District 6970, Inc.
P.O. Box 47195
Jacksonville, FL 32247

If you need an address other than the P.O. Box you can use:
1000 W. Pleasant Pl.
Jacksonville, FL 32259

Bank Routing # 263079276
Bank Account # 7502249759

Please send an e-mail to me confirming that your check/cash/money order has been mailed or money wire transferred for deposit to hold your spot. We will officially CONFIRM YOUR NAME ON THE NID TRIP ROSTER WHEN WE RECEIVE A $500 DEPOSIT PER PARTICIPANT towards the price of your trip.

Once you are confirmed on the trip, the next step is to process your Indian visa if you have not already started this process. Visit Travisa's website click on the link to the left which says "Need an India visa, click here to get started." This site will walk you through everything you must do and provides tools for tracking your application. Please apply for a TOURIST VISA. The visa becomes effective as soon as it is granted, so keep that in mind in regards to the length of visa you apply for and any travel plans you have pre- or post-NID. Information on how to complete the visa application is distributed regularly via email via the Yahoo Groups Polio NID Listserv. You will need this in order to fill out the visa application.

In addition to a visa, you will need to consult your personal healthcare professional for advice regarding obtaining the appropriate vaccinations for travel to India. He or she may refer you to a travel medicine professional. The most accurate and up-to-date resource for a published list of recommended vaccines is the CDC's website:
These recommendations and other useful travel information are updated based on the latest information available to the CDC, so check back regularly.

Note that some vaccines require more than one shot or take several weeks to be 100% effective. To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to start taking medicine to prevent malaria, if you need it. Please be sure to consult your health care professional before proceeding with any vaccinations.

It is our goal to give each interested participant all of the information they need to make a decision about attending. And then to provide each confirmed participant with all of the information needed to make their trip a success on all fronts. With over 200 people on the Yahoo Groups Polio NID Listserv and more joining each day, it is challenging to answer individual questions, thus we encourage you to carefully read the information distributed. We will send out regular updates and additional information via the Yahoo Groups Listserve, so be on the lookout. If you do have a pressing question, feel free to reach out via email or phone 904.568.1497 to Cynde. If you do not hear back within a couple of days, please send her a follow up to ensure she received your first communication.

If you are interested in planning additional travel in India, we recommend India Travel Specialist Raj Singh Solanki who can be contacted via email Raj is not affiliated with Rotary or this trip in any way. He is a friend who has planned several trips for fellow Rotarians and friends over the years with much success and positive feedback. 

We are honored to be Co-Leading another NID trip to India and promise you that it will be one of the most incredible and memorable experiences of your life. Thank you for your dedication to the worldwide eradication of polio. Your participation on this NID will truly make a difference in our goal of a polio-free world.

Our very best personal regards and best wishes over the coming holiday season!

Cynde Covington
District Governor 2010-2011
Rotary International District 6970

Barry Covington, Past President, Rotary Club of South Jacksonville
Zone 34 / District 6970 NID India Co-Leaders

(You are responsible for making your own flight arrangements)

 All transportation including airport transfers
 All hotel accommodations
 Breakfast, lunch, some dinners (see itinerary)
 Monument entrances, sightseeing & guides
 All tips
 $100 Contribution to The Chandigarh Rotary Club - to cover costs for a Group Dinner, with the remaining serving as a donation for their projects
 $20 Donation to St. Stephens Hospital Polio Corrective Ward

 Hotel accommodations for the night of February 20th  and before, or March 2nd and after.  (Extra nights @ group rates can be arranged)
 Airport transfers not falling on February 20th/21st, March 2nd/3rd
 Some dinners (see itinerary)
 Personal expenses: internet, phone calls, laundry, in-room services

 Personal check, money order, or wire transfer to "ROTARY DISTRICT 6970"
 $500 deposit to be placed on the OFFICIAL NID TRIP ROSTER
 Additional details and exact costs to follow for those
Confirmed on trip after $500 deposit received

Please note that itinerary is subject to change.

Cynde Covington
Zone 34 / District 6970 NID India Co-Leader
District Governor 2010-2011
Rotary International District 6970
904-568-1497 Cell

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Indian NID days announced


My friends,

You may wish to know that the Indian Government has set the National Polio Immunisation Days as 20th January 2013 and 24th February 2013.

I would appreciate receiving details of any ‘tours’ being arranged from your district so we might be able to offer opportunities to Rotarians who may not have organised tours available in their districts.

Manager, The Rotary Foundation - South Pacific & Philippines Office,
PO Box 1415, Parramatta NSW 2124 Australia, Phone: +61 2 8894 9840 (Direct) and +61 2 8894 9800 (Reception), Fax: +61 2 8894 9899, Email: