Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre- & Post-NID Trips

Some of you have indicated an interest in either a pre or post NID Trip.  As I have explained, Barry and I are not Travel Agents and connot arrange these trips for you.    However, we do encourage anyone traveling that far to take the time to see more of that beautiful country.  There are two people that we can recommend for making addtional plans.  We traveled with Raj on our first NID as did several other members of our team and he did a wonderful job.  Since then, I have recommended Raj to a number of people and they have all been happy with the arrangements as well as the service.  Ajay helped put our NID together in 2011 and is assisting us this year as well.  Some of the team members in 2011 went back to India and contacted Ajay for assistance and again received wonderful arrangements and service.  Based on my past experience with both of these individuals I am comfortable recommending them for your consideration. 

I am sending them both an e-mail today and asking them to put together one or two "suggested" itineraries and estimated costs for you.  Please understand that they will both completely customize your pre- or post-nid trip around your schedule, your desires, and your cost considerations.  Depending on what you want to see or what type of accomodations you desire as well how many days you have available will all be taken in to account.  If some of you wish to travel together as a group, they can both work that out as well.

I do know that Phillip and Deanna Magdich would like to try and travel for 7 or 8 days in addition to the NID.  If any of you are interested in traveling together or on you own, please feel free to contact each other via e-mail to coordinate your arrangements.  I hope this will help some of you in your planning!

Cynde Covington


Raj Singh Solanki


Kishan Nikunj, Near ICICI Bank

Bedla, Udaipur –313011

Rajasthan, India

Mobile: +91 99291 04365, +91 96806 14717 <tel:%2B91%2096806%2014717> <> ,


Ajay Thakur

+918800255744 <tel:%2B918800255744

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