Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update from Sarah Thompson

Hi Max,

Further to our recent Skype conversation, here's a timeline, plus a few notes for your blog

Date         Action                                                        Comments
Now          Bookings being received                             NZ$595 deposit with completed from
Ongoing     Info on India sent out with booking acknowledgements          
18 Aug      Any add-ons or extras agreed                     
25 Aug      Final invoices issued                                  
1 Sep       Balance of payment due                              Tour numbers & final price determined at this point
28 Sep      Travel documents issued                             Includes amended itinerary, if necessary.
14 Sep      Latest date for travel clinic visit                    Some may require multiple inoculations
12 Oct      Latest date for Indian visa application           Allow minimum of two weeks for visa
26 Oct      Travellers cheques and local currency           It may not be possible to obtain rupees in NZ, but there are lots of ATM's in India.
9 Nov        Depart!
Sarah Thompson
Darjeeling Tours Limited, Thorpe Road, Mattersey, Doncaster DN10 5ED

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