Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you heard of RUCHI?

Dear Rotarians,                                                                            

It is my pleasure to announce a huge coup with our District Trip to India in November.

Have you heard of RUCHI? Read on...

Approximately 25 Rotarians will have the opportunity to join District Assistant Governor Rebecca Signal on a trip to the Subcontinent a SNID (sub national immunisation days) in November.

Colin Alford, a Rotarian from District 9940 has been for some 5 years supporting the work of a Non Government Organisation (NGO) working with the rural poor in Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayan foothills.
He has not been working alone, of course, but with other Rotarians and Rotary Clubs of District 9940 with financial support from individuals and Rotary clubs, a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant, a Future Vision District Grant, RNZWCS and MFAT New Zealand Government Aid.

Our Rotary team from 9930 is now scheduling the following:

1. To District 3080 to participate in a polio immunisation campaign in northern India.

2.Visiting the Rural Centre For Human Interests (RUCHI)  at the village of Bandh which is around one and half hours from Kalka on the wonderful narrow gauge railway line to Shimla.

RUCHI is doing great work for the rural poor and Collin considers what they are doing as a "model" of how an NGO should operate. They are an NGO that we could all learn a lot from.

As the battle to eradicate polio draws slowly to a successful finish so the opportunities to see how Rotary’s US$800M has been spent become less and less frequent. This is your chance!

Depending on numbers, and using the same tour organisers, Rebecca hopes to build on 9940’s trip of 38 Rotarians made last January and make our trip even better!

I assure anyone going of a life-altering experience, not only seeing how we have our foot on the throat of polio, but also justifying the cost to have a wonderful couple of weeks in India.

Our District putting on this trip on at cost and you could not organise such a trip yourself at the price.
I have reviewed the itinerary and heard wonderful things about the New Zealanders running the Indian Tour and can unequivocally recommend it to everyone.

At this stage I urge you to at least email Rebecca at and tell her of your interest.

Reach within to embrace humanity
Max Patmoy District Polio Challenge Coordinator 2011-12
Rotary Foundation Committee
District 9930, New Zealand

Phone 06 836 6081
Fax: 06 836-6664
Mobile: 027 279 3760
Skype: maxpatmoy

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